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So we’re the not quite fifty somethings who’ve had a life long love affair with all things related in one form or another to campervans, motorhomes, dormobiles (yes some people do call them that and ask if we have one!) and the most recently known phenomenon known affectionately as vanlife.  So are we exaggerating our affiliation to what is, in our opinion, just the best form of travel and accommodation on the planet? To find out here’s our brief fact filled bio…..

Well this is us, somehow known as Tree and Stump, just don’t ask but a clue is in the joined at the hip observations rather than resembling the shape of thick bark and bare branches that are currently coming to the forefront of the imagination, it may also have something to do with a trip down to St.Tropez and some hippy 1960’s Bridget Bardot impersonations.  Married, yes to each other, for a very long time and after raising two amazingly talented male offspring we are now free and happy to embark (pardon the pun) on more journey’s of discovery and new adventures across various parts the globe on 4 wheels, of course.

Work, yes we’ve done lots of that and you’ve guessed it, it involved campervans or more recently a motorhome hire business started back in 2008 and now safely relegated to the ‘that’s what we used to do’ banner so we can enjoy more of our own tales of travel rather than other people’s! On that note, you can probably guess that we’ve owned a few, that’s 3 of our own, personnel use only (we never recommend to hire out your own, more of that another time) and owned plenty of others for hiring . Forgot to mention the camperstop too, a little spot where weary owners could park up for the night, a nice little service we used to offer at work, knowing first hand what a forgotten bunch we are in Great Britain.

Before the vanlife love affair took hold, we owned touring caravans (arghh….we hear your pain), infact, buying our first one at 18 and having to sell it soon afterwards to buy a washing machine, yes, times were tough back in those teenage years.  Between the lot we’ve travelled far and wide, too many miles to count but a few places stand out, thinking of: France, most regions, some several times, ok who doesn’t go there?; Austria; Germany; Netherlands; Belgium; Croatia; Slovenia; Spain; Italy; Luxembourg; New Zealand (3 separate trips in a hire camper); Australia (a 23,000KM 6 month trip) and last but not least good old essential UK.

There’s plenty of the planet left to see but even if we live another 30 years somehow we feel time is already running out, so hurry up and let’s finish writing this so we can get on with the journey!

Life’s no rehearsal, so we’re sticking the two fingers up to convential society, living the life we now want, in the way we want to live it, enjoying the moment and passing on the good vibes to you lovely people!

Happy vanlife travels from Sonia and Nigel,  the real Tree and Stump!!


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