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Hello and thank you for visiting our site, by now you probably already own a van, campervan or motorhome, whichever you choose to call it. Or maybe, you’re thinking about taking the first leap of faith into the amazing world of owning one.

It’s what we consider to be, just the best form of transport and accommodation which will take you on that open road to freedom. Travel to wherever you want to go, there’s no rush, no agenda, no stressing.  There is so much possible if we just make it happen for us, we just need to make the change, grab those opportunities and have the determination and enthusiasm for new beginnings.

We have done just that, we’ve turned our backs on the lives we did lead, in 2016 we finished our businesses and leapt into a new world , a new life. We hope to fill you with tales of inspirational travels, offer plenty of handy tips, advice and unbiased opinions on everything van related and take you on a journey of discovery through some of the most incredible countries from our beautiful planet.

We’ve been fortunate to have been touring one way or another for over two decades in various outfits and to numerous destinations.  Building up tonnes of knowledge along the way and gaining invaluable insight and experience into what has become, in recent years one of the biggest movements seen across the globe, Vanlife.

Vanlife, motorhome life, over-landing, campervan life, it’s a revelation, a fabulous way of seeing and experiencing the rawness of our world.  The freedom that it brings us and the growing ideolgy for people from all walks of life across the globe.

Join us now on our own voyage,  although we know and love the world of vanlife from our shorter travels across the decades.  For us, this is still a new journey, the first opportunity of long-term adventures, it’s exciting times and we’re full of all the enthusiasm and happiness for our new life ahead.

We hope to follow your own journey’s and share together our experiences, who know’s we may even see you out there on the open road!

Happy vanlife travels, from Sonia and Nigel – About Us


The Race To Retirement

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