Our Vanlife Story

Hello, G’day, Guten Tag, Hola, Bonjour…..Ok you get the idea, Welcome Welcome!

We’re Nigel and Sonia, in September 2016 we closed the doors on our motorhome hire business for the last time and said goodbye to the working lives that we’d lead for over 30 years.

We needed change, a new direction and an escape from the everyday normal stuff that was dragging us down!

We’d always had a touring caravan or motorhome and already had our La Strada Regent S, a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4, so we were ready to rock n’roll!

The boys had grown up, our parent duties were done (well, as near as we’ll ever be to that!) so all we had to do was hit the road……….and then the unexpected happened!

Don’t worry, there’s no need to get out the hanky, no sob story, nothing bad, in fact, the complete opposite!

Ok, this is where it gets weird, the meant to be’s of this world, the slightly beyond our imagination moment………Sonia (that’s me!) had entered a writing competition for Heathrow Airport’s 70th Birthday, thinking maybe a keying or fridge magnet might pop through the letterbox!

No, I only go and win the Star Prize…….Flights for two with Qantas to Sydney, Australia…..yes that’s Australia!!! Wow Wow Wow!!

Grabbing the bull by the horns, with this amazing opportunity, was it some sort of sign? A chance to do something incredible, an out of the comfort zone kind of moment!

Yep, it sure was, so in 2017 we embarked on a 6 month campervan road trip, which was the perfect start to our new lives without a day job! It was a trip that changed us, liberated us, mellowed and revived us but most importantly, we loved it!

So, in 2018 we sold our family house, our sons moved to New Zealand, we now have a tiny house and divide our time between Europe in our Sprinter 4×4 and New Zealand in our Self-Build LDV V80 campervan….yes not one but two campers!!

There’s only one life and we’re living it!

Vanlife Travel in our campervan
Vanlife adventures in our La Strada Campervan
Uluru Travellers Autobarn road trip
Here we are on our walk around Uluru or Ayers Rock in the Red Centre
Self Build LDV Campervan
Our Self-Build New Zealand Campervan

Let’s Sell Up & Hit The Road

The Race To Retirement

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